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  1. I have read, Ella. I loved everything about it. I loved that Ella had a really tragic life, but she handled it. Jessi wrote the book in such a way that Ella learns and grows and gets through her difficult life experiences using the same tools we have to use to get through our lives. Ella reminds me of Jessi because if you have read any of Jessi’s blog posts, you can see how Jessi is able to take a bad situation and make it funny. Jessi has that talent in her own life and she helps Ella do the same.
    At first I thought this was a must read for all young women, but it is a book for everybody! It is fun to read. It is funny, it will make you laugh out loud. It will make you cry at the injustice Ella endures. It will show you that you are not unlike Ella. You have injustices in your life. You can overcome them using the same tools Ella uses. You and I don’t have fairy godmothers, neither does Ella, and everything will be alright. In fact, it can be more than alright, it can be joyful:)

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